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The Irish House 2010 was a roaring success, the ‘craic’ was great and meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories was a privilege. IHSC represented Ireland by greeting people as they entered the pavilion and handing out tourism brochures, all the while encouraging people to visit Ireland. It was amazing to meet so many young people of Irish ancestry it seemed that just about everyone had a bit of Irish in them and wanted to visit Ireland. A group of ‘Irish Ambassadors’ spent their days talking and joking with people from all over the world. It was a warm and friendly place and a great party. At times Irish House was a sea of red and white and O’ Canada would break out spontaneously.

The Irish music and dancers, story teller and Irish Pipes, Drums were well received; there were twelve different music groups with more than 50% of them Irish/Celtic, two different Irish dance schools along with seven MC.s and seven DJ.s, most of Irish or Celtic ancestry. It was a privilege to be involved with the Irish Olympic Committee and the Granville Entertainment Group in this great venture. Doolins hosted a thank you party for the staff and volunteers and raffled off slightly used big screen TVs and sofas, that were used at the pavilion, plus many other gifts. It was a great finish to a wonderful adventure.

General information:

Granville Entertainment hired 200 fulltime workers for the Irish pavilion – 50% of them were Irish or of Irish ancestry and there were approximately 20 Irish Ambassadors.
The food service and staff were provided by well known catering company Austin Gourmet of Coquitlam, BC, who gave volunteers free meals and all Irish House staff a 50% discount, the cuisine included a few Irish favorites, such as corn beef & cabbage, Irish stew, steak &almp; Guinness pie and a Dublin burger.
M C’s included – Red Robinson, Ron Coleman, Dave Abbott, Ingrid Abbott, Jim Byrnes, Michael Morgan and Rich Elwood
Bands – Pat Chessell Trio, (roolya boolya) Mark Downey and Mary Brunner, Murphy’s Lagh, The Irish Wakers, Blackthorn, Tillers Folly, Light Sweet Crued, Irish Pipes, Drums and Beannacht Philomena (Storyteller), Papa Wheelie, Troy’s R-Us, The Bulge, Joe’s Garage and Light Sweet Crude.
Irish Dance Schools – De-Danaan and Eire Born.